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8 Books for the First Day of School and Beyond!

Take a look at some of these books and the recommended discussion questions to prepare your child for the start of school... and well into the school year.


Elmore (by Holly Hobbie)

Being a porcupine means Elmore keeps would-be friends at a quill’s-length distance; but his mother once said that the “L” in his name stands for “love.” So what is a spiny porcupine to do? Elmore is motivated to find a way to become closer to other animals to share his love. This charming book shows children that sometimes the thing that makes us different can also be a bridge to new friendships.

Lesson: What makes you different, can actually be your biggest asset.

Ideas for Discussion:

  • Ask your child: What are some things that you have in common with your classmates?

  • Ask your child: In what ways are you unique? What sets you apart from others?

  • Ask your child: How can you best share with your classmates the beauty of what makes you different?

  • Ask your child: If someone doesn’t understand what makes you special, how can you help them to see the beauty in the ways you are different?