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Take Your Mask Off; Put These Masks on!

In every color and pattern, we've seen COVID-cautionary masks advertised and no doubt you have your own assortment. Once you’re ensconced in your home, we suggest taking off the disposable or washable mask, and try each of these five masks instead.

We trust you’ll find them much more enjoyable -- enabling you later to spread cheer (and still not germs!) Remember, you must be kind to yourself in order to truly be kind to others! Since many of these products come in packs of multiples at easy-on-the-wallet prices, you might find more than one way to show kindness to yourself and share it with others. With options limited these days, Primerrily's got you (and your gift-giving) taken care of, from head to toe -- quite literally!

1. The Foot Mask

A lot of heels have calluses more than ever thanks to the fact that many people are walking around barefoot as they work from home. Soften those pedestals with a CALA Moisturizing Foot M3ask. Your skin will peel (it doesn’t hurt!) a few days after the treatment, and you’ll be left with silky smooth skin ready for cuddling under the blanket.


2. The Face Mask

Has your face suffered from a case of “maskne” as a result of all that mask wearing? The red bumps of our teenage years sure have returned, but we’re not fretting. The Seaweed Bath Restoring Marine Algae Mask is a mask you will actually enjoy wearing and can do so every other night. I love the idea of putting a little bit of the ocean on my face. After all, Isak Dineson said “Salt is the cure for everything - sweat, tears, and the sea.” We can’t all get to the sea in December, but it can come to you and make your skin clearer too! This mask goes on clear and stays on while you sleep; there’s no sticky residue. It’s organic, gluten-free, paraben-free, and stress-free. If you want an instant 20-minute rejuvenation, I highly recommend these sheet-based face masks. My kids were a little perplexed when they first saw me with one on, and so was I when I took it off -- I couldn’t believe how hydrated, smooth, and brighter my complexion looked! I used the Vitamin C Revitalizing one, but I've tried them all, and they are all good.


3. The Hand Mask

Hands have never been drier thanks to the combination of cold weather in addition to all the soap and sanitizer we’re using to stay germ-free. The Aveeno Repairing CICA Hand Masks come in a pack of five sets and are paraben- and fragrance-free. Know some healthcare heroes? Since these come in a pack of five, consider giving some of your extra sets to them. ICU nurses who have reviewed these say they are terrific for nourishing hands that receive a lot of soap and sanitizer.


4. The Hair Mask

Wow. Period. When I put The Seaweed Bath Co. Detox Repairing Hair Mask in Awake Scent (Rosemary & Mint) on my wet tresses, I thought I had actually gone to the spa. I didn’t want to get out of the shower. The aroma was pure, relaxing, and invigorating all at the same time. It’s safe for my color-treated hair and, even though my mane is super thick, it combed through easily thanks to this magical concoction. Thankfully, they come in a pack of six, so next time I plan to combine the experience with a good hot bath filled with my favorite bath salts. Did you think epsom salts were your grandmother’s bath salt? Think again. Since the typical American diet is deficient in magnesium, a 25-minute soak in these spa-scented epsom salts (aka magnesium sulfate), followed by a quick rinse, can give your muscles the best rest they’ve had in a long time, like since 2019!


5. The Sleep Mask

After all these great self-care treatments, you’ll be ready for some sweet dreams. Keep them going with this silk sleep mask, made of “silky soft satin inside and out with cushioned filler and blackout fabric that cushions the eyes without pressure. Great for bedtime or taking the best nap ever.” Remember that when the rare opportunity presents itself, nap time is for grown-ups, too and this mask helps us take full advantage of it, whatever the time of day! Side benefit: As a result of wearing a sleep mask for years, donning one now cues sleep for me. So if you struggle with falling asleep or staying asleep, this could be sweet dream come true!

PS This gift guide, clearly, written from the mama’s perspective, doesn’t forget her other half! We love this exfoliating sea salt and shea butter duo to treat husband or father to some self-care too.

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