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Tell the Teacher (How Much You Care)

However you slice it, teachers have it tough now. In person or virtual. Mask or no mask. Big kids or little kids. Being entrusted with the responsibility of dozens of hearts and minds is no small task any year, but especially this year. While we know our kids need our encouragement and so do their teachers, we also have a strong hunch that their kids' teachers could use some of our kids’ encouragement as well. They would be touched to receive your kids' expressions of encouragement and gratitude.

Why not have your kids tell their teachers how much they care about them? They can write their teachers a short note of appreciation, or draw a picture of something they like about being in their class. To be clear, this is not about being “teacher’s pet.” This is about expressions of gratitude, especially during a time when natural communication is stunted and the only feedback often leans toward the critical (warranted and unwarranted). Any paper will do, but we think these note cards are pretty cute.

Consider the example of my friend’s second grade daughter. Completely of her own accord, she decided to write her teacher this note at the end of the first week of school. How precious is that? We know it must have melted her teacher’s heart -- and fortified it for the week to come. This can only mean good things for the kids in my friend’s daughter’s class. And just think of that -- an act of kindness by one child can have a halo effect on all the other kids in her class!

Neighbor, we’re all in this together. As parents, we want our kids to be successful in the classroom. Just as we know supporting our kids supports their teachers (learning truly does start at home!), the inverse is also true: supporting teachers is supporting our kids. When teachers feel appreciated in their work (just as any of us do), they are better equipped to succeed… as are our kids.

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