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A Gift from A Godparent That Reaps Dividends

The Godmother Bond. . . and Its Return on Investment

I am blessed to be the godmother to some amazing kids. I take this role very seriously, as should anyone who is lucky enough to be asked to take on such a responsibility. Here’s one special way a godparent can “gift” his or her lifelong commitment to the role. Hint: the phrase “godmother bond” is not what you think it is. At least, it’s not all there is…

A godparent is someone who bears witness to a child's christening, as well as his or her lifelong spiritual formation. Typically chosen by the child’s parents, a godparent promises to take an interest in the child's upbringing, to offer mentorship, and to claim legal guardianship of the child if anything should happen to the parents.

This Christmas, consider this idea to ensure that your godchild is loved, is supported, and leaves a positive long-term impact:

As my godson Tate’s baptism approached, I scoured the Internet for unique gift ideas. Nothing inspired. So then I reached out to friends who had undeniably crushed the godparent gig. From them, I found inspiration. I borrowed an idea from a friend, who had borrowed it from a friend (tough to go wrong with “borrowing” great ideas). This idea felt particularly great because I had spent a decade on Wall Street and have subsequently had a career in the private investment world. Over my career, I have done literally tens of thousands of transactions. However, the most important transaction of my life was executed on my godson’s baptism.