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The Craft Closet

Our democratic republic isn’t called the “great experiment” for nothing -- it can be messy! And so is a good craft. But just like our country, all of the projects you’ll find in our Craft Closet hold purpose. Behind every brushstroke, every scissor snip, every dob of glue, there’s a virtue to pass on, a story to tell, a piece of American history to come alive. Your kids won’t realize they’re learning -- and you may not realize you’re teaching! We wish we could be with you to help clean up when you’re through, but we are with you in Primerrily spirit!


Want to showcase your child’s masterpiece? Post it on social media with #primerrily or send to us at We’d love to see what those little hands create!

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Images contain affiliate purchase links and will provide small commissions to help us grow the Primerrily community!

Keep your own history for future generations: 

Bury a time capsule!

join the lawn sign trend --

and craft your own message. about how you're proud to be an american! 

Make healthier versions of the famous rocket pop!

We like to melt broken crayons into new creations with silicone trays like these

don't just make patriotic treats on the 4th of july -- celebrate other historic days too! the signing of the Constitution, famous battles won, and more!

a patriotic spin on your macaroni necklaces!

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