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The Spark

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a few


on a 


to raise great Americans.

It was “friendship at first sight.” A couple years ago, friends of friends brought us together with the intention  “the more, the merrier.” This merriment sparked laughter, which led to conversation and connection, followed by reflection and ideation.


We quickly learned that we had a lot more in common than just those initial mutual friends. Sharing a love of country, appreciation for tradition, and respect for the individual, we realized we were all members of what has come to be called a “silent majority.” Fortunately, with the support of each other, we decided we couldn’t keep quiet about it! The seeds for the Primerrily community were planted!


From our perspective, community is simply and wonderfully a gathering of individuals who intentionally live, laugh, and support one another's goals. We encourage each other, and share both the serious and the silly


As much as we wish we lived on the same literal street, we recognize that, now more than ever, virtual community isn’t just possible -- it’s necessary. So Primerrily is embracing its digital home and invites you over, as though we are truly neighbors.


Like the hopes and dreams we envision for our kids, we see so much potential in what lies ahead with Primerrily. Primerrily is our labor of love, because it is a love for our kids and love for America. We invite you into the neighborhood and hope you’ll choose to become part of the Primerrily community with us!






Britt loves drinking in Florida sunshine, unsweetened tea and baby snuggles. Britt is a Duke and Stanford graduate, and she’s a constant student in the school of life. Thanks to Bill and Melinda Gates, she won a full college scholarship which ignited a love for the role civil society plays in transforming lives. Since then, Britt has worked for multiple publicly traded companies and led a few non-profits. Her greatest work has been creating a home with her Navy husband and raising their children together. A certified Gallup Coach, Britt is at her best when she’s building people up, whether it’s in the boardroom or on the playground. The daughter of a special forces Vietnam Veteran and special needs public school teacher, her parents taught her early on what it means to serve and sacrifice and what dignity for all human beings, at every stage of development, looks like. Britt’s an advocate for civic engagement and believes that true change will come to our country when we seek the peace and prosperity of our communities just as much as we seek it for ourselves. She’s doing her best to live that out in her hometown of Sarasota, FL where she serves as a locally elected official and her favorite pair of shoes inevitably involves some sand between her toes.


Alli loves breakfast for dinner, a good sweat, and ridiculous comedies that she’s (almost) too embarrassed to name. Born in South Florida and raised eating matzah brei with chopsticks, she’s the product of a tiger mom and a Navy dad… both of whom managed to balance structure with tons of love and laughter! Patriotism was also very present with parents who know the U.S. is a country worth fighting for and a country worth immigrating to. Alli studied at Harvard where she majored in Economics, competed on the Varsity Tennis team, and worked at Herrell’s Ice Cream Shoppe. The latter was by far her most delicious college experience. Now a full-time mom to a first grader and preschooler, Alli moonlights as a writer on right-of-center policy. She’s the author of Bleeding Heart Conservatives: Why It’s Good To Be Right, a board advisor to The Flip Side media, and a Contributing Writer at the Manhattan Institute’s City Journal. Previously, she worked as an analyst at Goldman Sachs and at Equinox in New York City. While in the city, she volunteered with New York Cares and the Jewish Community Center. With roots now planted just outside of NYC, Alli enjoys hanging with neighbors, teaching tennis to her kids, and playing sous-chef to her culinary whiz of a husband.

alli pillinger





Rachel loves a messy craft, a pool party, and the smell of books. She lives close enough to New York City to enjoy the occasional museum visit, but far enough away to see the stars -- a favorite nightly ritual with her preschool-aged son, Tate. By day, Rachel is a proud working mom -- toiling as a brand consultant for several American and international companies across retail, consumer goods, and television programming, while also serving her community as a locally elected official. By night, she is known for her creative dinner table prayers, crockpot feasts, and enthusiastic re-readings of "Llama Llama Red Pajama" (which she has also carefully re-written to instill little Llama Llama with enhanced bravery). Previously, she has worked in corporate retail for brands headquartered around the country, from the west coast to the east coast. One Kings Lane, Bed Bath & Beyond, Macy's Department Stores, Gap, Banana Republic, and Old Navy to name a few -- so she knows a great product when she sees one! And unfortunately for her budget, she's been seeing a lot of them lately. Rachel is a graduate of Cornell University, where in addition to her diploma, she scored the best souvenir of all -- her husband, Bennett.  





Alice is a criminal prosecutor. While she focuses on white collar crimes, she also prosecutes a range of cases from narcotics trafficking to kidnapping to gun crimes and everything in between. She is the proud mother of two boys and wife to the world's most supportive husband, who is also an attorney. As the daughter of immigrants, her favorite American value is the opportunity of the American dream for all.

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Christopher is the Executive Director at East Metro DeKalb Community Improvement District, and a grassroots leader for the conservative movement. He dedicates himself to public servant leadership through leading a young men’s church group, serving on the University of West Georgia Alumni Association Board, and volunteering at the local high school. Being raised in a military family, an American value instilled in him was to give back to his community.




David and his wife are blessed to be raising their three young children. Formerly an executive in the private sector, Dave now works in the public sector as a government executive. He is originally from the West Coast, and currently lives in Northern Virginia. Dave's favorite American values, summed up as the "American Trinity," just might be in your pocket – Liberty, In God We Trust, and E Pluribus Unum can be found on every U.S. coin.



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Lila is a Vice President at Freedom Solar, the largest and oldest solar company in Texas. She serves as board chair for 100 Women in Houston Who Give a Damn, on the Stewardship Leadership Committee at St. Martin's Episcopal, advisory council to Turning Point USA, advisory council to Texas Parks Wildlife’s Stewards of the Wild, and agent for the Ezulu Game Reserve in South Africa. Her favorite American value is integrity.

Lauren is an author of three books, collaborator, and coffee enthusiast. She is a wife to Michael and an adoptive mother to their three year old daughter. She is passionate about Bible engagement and seeing others develop in their spiritual journey. In her free time she is writing papers as a PhD student studying ethics and public policy. She finds her creative outlet in fashion and photography. One of her favorite American values is grit.

Glen is the CEO of the Central Florida Urban League. The son of immigrants, Glen is an advocate for children and families. He has been a public school board member, a leader at Florida’s largest educational non-profit organization, and a six time governor appointee on various commissions, boards and task forces. His favorite American values are independence and self reliance.

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Gabe is a husband, a father, an Army veteran, and an entrepreneur. He is the Founder and CEO of a healthcare staffing company. Gabe is also very involved in homeschooling his four children,, while raising them with traditional conservative values. The freedom of individual choice and its attendant consequences is one of the many American values he holds dear.

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Nancy is a teacher, mother, wife, and life-long learner. With a Bachelors of Science in Home Economics and a Masters of Education, she spent the past twenty years teaching America’s youth. After living in various parts of Europe and the U.S., Nancy lives in Texas where she received the coveted "Teacher of the Year" award and is beloved by her community, fellow teachers, and students. Her favorite American value is honesty.

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Ellen is a small business owner, non-profit leader, national bestselling author of Step Up: How to Advocate Like a Woman, and a wife and mom to three children under four. She holds the unique honor of being the youngest woman to ever serve on the Austin City Council. She continues her public policy efforts as a Senior Fellow with the Texas Public Policy Foundation. Her favorite American value is freedom.








Piotr is a software engineer and Co-Founder of Quizzify, a health education company. Piotr graduated from Yale with a BA in Economics and History. Originally from Poland, he lives with his wife in New Jersey where he enjoys playing with his dog, running and movies. His favorite American value is entrepreneurship and striving to be the best you can be.



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stephanie saroki

de garcia

Stephanie is a wife, mother of two, and entrepreneur based in California. She co-founded Seton Education Partners to provide parents in underserved communities an opportunity for an academically excellent, character-building, and faith-nurturing education. Previously, Stephanie was a Teach for America corps member in Oakland, California. She received a master’s degree in public policy at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, and a bachelor of arts degree from UC Berkeley.


Cynthia is an attorney, teacher, and mother passionate about religion, culture, and family life. After studying theology and political science at the University of Notre Dame, she attended Southern Methodist University for law school. Her legal focus involves complex commercial litigation. Cynthia also teaches at Jesuit College Preparatory School and is involved with Reclaim 611, a nonprofit working to end human trafficking. Cynthia lives in Dallas with her husband and (soon-to-be!) four daughters.



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