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We're working on a startup shoestring budget -- which means that as we ramp up on our rev streams, we rely on the financial support of our readers. This enables us to keep the craft closets stocked, the website live, and the babysitters stopping by so we can sneak away to write.

We hope our work has been helping instill a love of freedom and America in your kids. To help us reach more families, please consider contributing to the Primerrily cause via the button below.

Giving is not only about
making a gift. 
It's about making a difference

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Submissions + Ideas

Do you have a hot tip from a cool mom? 

A favorite book -- or one you just can't stand? 

An idea or activity to help foster traditional values in kids? 

A funny, happy, or concerning story to share? 

Or want to start writing and don't know where to start?


Send us a pitch or an article at


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