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3 Tips for Making Friends Behind a Mask and at a Distance

During this COVID chapter of masks and distancing, we are talking to our kids about some ways to make up for these, let’s say, “social obstacles.” We at Primerrily can’t remove the hurdles, but we can help you and yours jump over them, gold medal style.

1. The Smize

A term made famous by supermodel Tyra Banks, smizing is smiling with your eyes. The smize is a gorgeous asset for models, and now it’s also a social asset for masked friends and neighbors! When our pearly whites and delicious dimples are covered, it’s all the more important to accentuate our cheery social signals. Spend a few fun minutes with your kids at the dinner table practicing your biggest and best smiles. Then looking in the mirror, and ask if they notice how their eyes and eyebrows change shape along with their smiley mouths. If they don’t notice, then smile bigger and laugh harder! It will feel good, and help make others feel good as well.

2. The Wave

The subtle “smile-hi’s” that we’ve come to naturally employ to greet passersby are moot these days. No worries, though… we’ve got a hand! To accompany our smize, a hearty “hello” wave also helps make up for those subtle social signals that go unnoticed these days. We’re letting our kids know that a “hello” wave is a friendly social accessory (only when accompanied by mom or dad!) to greet and thank passersby, such as the mail carrier or the grocer.

3. The Orator

Speaking clearly and confidently will compensate for those muffled mask sounds. Practice with your kids just as a professional orator would, for instance, with your own private version of a Toastmasters club for kids. They can sing a favorite song, recite a favorite poem, or narrate the day’s activities. And by the time this season of corona passes (oh it will, and that time will be joyous!), your mask-less kid will have the enunciation and projection of a seasoned speaker!


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