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Not Just Hollywood Heroes: Get Inspired by True Hero Missions

Hollywood and entertainment media are overflowing with heroes “defending good” and “saving the world.” From countless Marvel characters and DC Comic heroes, to modern-day movie lionhearts, every kid has numerous fictional heroes to look up to. But at Primerrily, we know the many real, non-fiction heroes -- most of whom go unrecognized -- who are more worthy of our kids’ admiration. For this reason, we are excited to introduce the soon-to-be launched True Hero Missions (“THM”).

THM is an educational technology and mobile game company founded by military veterans. The THM founders and (“IRL” American superheroes!) are set to launch a series of innovative and never-before-seen interactive apps that help kids and families learn American history. THM’s mission is to get kids reading, building leadership skills, and developing pride in American history.

The THM app is the first in a series about physical, mental, and moral leaders, and is dedicated to creating high-quality, inspirational, and engaging content. In essence, after pint-sized priming with maps, diagrams, imagery, and more, your kid will make the decisions that determine each mission’s outcome. In the spirit of agency and self-determination, THM says “Mission success is up to you!”

THM’s CEO is Don Diego, a Marine Corps and Iraq veteran, who wants “to create missions about a wide range of American leaders – the woman and men who were great mental, moral and physical leaders, from George Washington to Martin Luther King. Now, more than ever, American kids need to learn these stories in a factual yet fun way.”

Take a look for yourself on the True Hero Missions homepage to see more about the THM concept and pre-launch features. Some sample content we love includes Honoring and Remembering The Tuskeegee Airmen. This squadron of American military heroes demonstrated ultimate persistence and courage. Even in the face of brazen racism -- as African Americans in pre-Civil Rights era America, they had to “fight for the right to fight” -- their bravery and skill contributed to WWII victory.

While THM was originally inspired by military history, its featured heroes are not limited to those who served in our Armed Forces. American heroes have served in a variety of roles and THM seeks to inspire a variety of young Americans by telling about these heroes in ways that are accessible, relatable, and fascinating!

If you dig what you see, help celebrate THM’s upcoming product launch (4/19/21) by entering to win their D-Day History Kit giveaway. This “Flash & Thunder” kit features the true story of a Native American paratrooper, Turner Turnbull, and explains the backstory of Hollywood’s Saving Private Ryan and The Longest Day.

Future THM features will follow the lives of heroes such as Harriet Tubman, Theodore Roosevelt and the Apollo astronauts. With historical background and personal inspiration, THM apps will challenge kids to face choices and make decisions, just as these leaders have. Diego and the THM team are “excited to give kids the opportunity to walk in the shoes of American leaders from a wide range of time periods. Where else can they get the chance to make decisions faced by real-life heroes? We want to get kids inspired to do great things in their own lives.”

Your mission, Neighbor, should you choose to accept it, is to follow True Hero Missions. This electronic article will (not) self-destruct in five seconds. Good luck!


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