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Bookshelf Spotlight: Growing Patriots Book Series

Amelia Hamilton has no known familial connection to our Founding Father, Alexander. Nevertheless, patriotism must run in her blood. Amelia is the author of a wonderful resource for young Americans -- or, as she calls them, “Growing Patriots.” We like the sound of it! So we took a look, read with the kids, and now we can’t get enough of reading her work!

Amelia’s book series and podcast came to be after she had trouble finding a birthday gift for a little boy. She was looking for a book that would teach kids about America and its history. She wanted something that would spark interest as well as questions to learn more.

Unsatisfied in her search, Amelia decided to take the initiative (how American!) and write a book of her own -- with her words and with her passion. She wrote her first Growing Patriots book, One Nation Under God: A Book for Little Patriots, in which she describes (in age-appropriate detail) 1 to 10 special qualities about America, beginning with One Nation Under God (excerpt):

When America was not yet born,

We needed faith to guide us.

To help us when our hopes were worn --

A God to stand beside us

Concluding with Ten Amendments in the Bill of Rights (excerpt):

There are Ten Amendments, and they mean a lot.

They are the reasons that we fought:

Freedoms that weren’t safe before,

Freedoms well worth fighting for