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Bookshelf Spotlight: Liberty Lane -- A Conservative Children’s Book Series

A conservative children’s book series?! For partisans on the Left, red flags might be ringing. What could Liberty Lane be preaching in the pages of this seemingly delightful hardcover five-book series? As simply stated by its co-authors: “The goal of the Liberty Lane series is to provide parents and kids a launchpad for conversations about principles.”

Co-authors and conservative millennials Josh Bansal and Amalia Halikias met at Yale University, where Josh studied philosophy and political economy, and Amalia studied political science and education policy. They wrote the Liberty Lane books after observing the dominant disturbing trends in today’s children’s book market:

"Our inspiration to write Liberty Lane came from our concern about where the country is going. We were appalled at the children’s books we saw on the shelves in major bookstores and the recommended books online. They were partisan, they were divisive, and many attacked America. Fundamental American values—like hard work, personal responsibility, tradition, humility, and patriotism—have been abandoned in children’s media.

People are shaped by their experiences and the ideas they’re exposed to. That’s why it’s so important to buy books and materials for young kids that are aligned with your values. We were certainly both shaped by what we saw of Yale’s dominant social culture, which included many of the horrible anti-American messages featured in popular kids books today. That culture drove us to find a conservative debating society—and that’s part of why we became such good friends."

When not working or writing books, “In their free time, Josh and Amalia enjoy living in the greatest country in the world.” What a wonderful way to spend a day!

For anyone else who loves our country -- with its warts and all -- there’s no divisive agenda found here. Rather, Liberty Lane tells values-driven stories about its feature characters -- Ralph, Carmen, Gus, and family and friends -- engaging in activities, field trips, adventures and more. Each story focuses on basic values for all c