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Try This for Sweet (American) Dreams

What do you dream about? Is it difficult for you to dream sweet dreams, let alone rest easy, given what we hear on the nightly news or see in our social media scrolls? We know the feeling. If you are eager for something to lighten the mood, may we suggest a (soft) surface-level trick that just might help you slip deeper into happier thoughts. With this addition, you can rest your mind from the chaos and conflict and subconsciously discover sweet (American) dreams.

Why not teach your daughter early to value the little things, such as going to sleep feeling like a princess by dressing a little bit like one yourself. You can even match!

Once a luxury item, silk is re-emerging as a textile of everyday, “every people” use. Since its entrée into American industry in the mid-nineteenth century, the U.S. silk industry became the largest in the world by 1910. So in Primerrily spirit of channeling the “old school,” a century later we’re sleeping well with silk.

First of all, silk pillowcases are all the rage again. Good for next-day hair, better for your skin than cotton, they are best for falling asleep. I received one as a gift, and whenever my little Princess (and the Pea) decides she wants to sleep in my bed, she often greets me with a “Mama, can I sleep on your pillowcase tonight?” So guess what was in her stocking this past Christmas? The more economical “kid” version of my silk pillowcase!

Despite now having her own “silk” pillowcase, this little princess has also commandeered my silk robe. I once wore a lovely blush pink silky robe that was comfy jersey on the inside and faux silk on the outside. No matter what happened in my day -- good or bad, successful or frustrating -- I would wash my face and don that evening apparel and “ahh,” it felt like being regally wrapped in some tangible TLC.

One day before leaving on a business trip, my daughter asked if she could hold my robe while I was away; it has become a sense of security for her ever since. Three years later, “her silky” follows her around like Linus’s blue blanket. I did without it – for a while – and then I realized, I missed the feeling of silk, so I decided to buy another one for myself. I splurged and bought a corresponding silk pajama set and nightgown, and couldn’t be happier that I did. When Mother’s Day came around, my husband knew just what to get me – more silk PJs. Knowing how they make for unique gifts, I found these cute Laura Dare ones below for my daughter and goddaughters (I feel even better about the purchase because they are made in the USA!). Since my first purchase, I have bought my daughter numerous sizes because the girl may outgrow the nightgown, but she has not outgrown the feeling of silk!

I won’t go so far as to say “You are what you wear to bed,” but what you wear to bed can make a big difference! You have five senses, but the sense of touch is probably the one we discount the most. Your bedtime accoutrement is an opportunity to remind yourself: “You are really something special." The day may have been messy, but we’re going to end it right.” If you’re happy heading to dreamland in a ratty tee and boxer shorts, fantastic! If that’s your feeling of comfort, rock it, sister (or brother). But I encourage you to at least try slipping into something super-soft before bed. Maybe it’s not silk -- maybe it’s jersey cotton or satin -- but to find simple ways to be extra-good to ourselves goes the extra mile during these crazy hectic days. A lot of us are going to bed feeling the world on our shoulders, and that tension seems to slip away a lot easier with textile-tactile indulgence. These luxurious nighttime clothes also help to greet a new day after a relaxing smooth slumber. So, jumpstart your day by selecting kind fabric for your body and mind.

“You are really something special. The day may have been messy, but we’re going to end it right.”

Before you think this nightly wardrobe an embellished endorsement, try it on! 2021 started out as rough as 2020. . . . so, try on something soft for yourself for a change! You just might find “your silky” will help you make it through 2021 with sweet (American) dreams.


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