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"Gifted" Gifting: Jigsaw Puzzles with Patriotic Purpose

This holiday season, we're not only celebrating together, we're also solving together! We love these gifts of jigsaw puzzles. And not just any puzzles . . . puzzles that celebrate imagery of Americana!

We’re getting ready for the official start of winter (December 21st!) and lying low during these COVID days, which means lots of extra quality time at home with the kids . . . it’s truly a blessing, really! ;) In preparing for and embracing this “QT,” we’re brainstorming some fun activities, including a rediscovery of our love for the good old pastime of jigsaw puzzles . . . with patriotic purpose, of course.

The below jigsaws highlighted are just a few out there that encourage “multi-tasking” in all the best ways! We’re merging quality family time (e.g. bonding, teamwork) plus puzzle-related motor skills (e.g. spatial recognition, image/pattern identification) plus fun USA facts (e.g. geography, iconography, symbolism). We recommend some America-themed puzzle collections for your own family and as gifts for others:

White Mountain: Kicking off with our most favorite of our favorites, White Mountain Puzzles not only piece together Americana imagery and nostalgia, these puzzles are Made in the USA! These 1000-piece puzzles definitely need group/grown-up effort, but we find this effort makes for an opportunity to talk through the importance of patience and “one step (or section) at a time.” In the end, the teamwork that solved a completed 1000-piece puzzle will be that much more special!

Made in America

Melissa & Doug: CT-based toy-company Melissa & Doug exudes sweet mom-and-pop shop style toys, including a 51-piece floor puzzle of a map of the United States. Spanning 36x24 inches, the pieces read all 50 states’ names and capital cities, and they also include imagery associated with that state. A fun activity for sprawling out on the floor! For younger kids and toddlers, we love this wooden jigsaw puzzle of the USA.

Mudpuppy: This small NYC-based team sources and designs non-digital and environmentally friendly puzzles, games, and toys that facilitate creative play -- helping kids' “unplug” to spend less time in front of screens, and more time with tactile modern designs that are fun and interesting. Launched in 1992 with an early specialization in puzzles, Mudpuppy expanded to its current offering of puzzles, games, and toys for children and the young at heart!

Sure Lox: If you’re looking for a really big challenge with really symbolic iconography, we challenge you to these 500-piece puzzle box sets, including the Statue of Liberty and Mount Rushmore. Just two of the America-themed jigsaw puzzles in the Coast to Coast Collection, these puzzles each span 19x13 inches.

The family that solves puzzles together, spends time together! So enjoy these simple, good old ways to spend some time with your kids. They also make for sweet gifts for friends and family. Send Primerrily some pictures of your kids’ puzzle achievements, and let us know about more patriotic puzzles from your “Treehouse” activity closet!


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