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Make it A Declaration Party Like No Other

Here's a kid-friendly, easy, and meaningful way to celebrate the 4th!

Pool parties, hot dogs, and watermelon? Check, check, check!

A bell, a coin, and a piece of paper? What do they have to do with the 4th of July?


Primerrily co-founders have found this quick, easy, and kid-friendly ritual one of the best ways to celebrate America’s Independence Day. It helps little and grown-up ones alike understand more of what this day marking our freedom is all about. Created by Dennis Prager, modeled after the Jewish Passover, and readily made a part of your backyard shindig, we think you’ll enjoy it too!

Below you can read how it works, click the link for your own personal guide on how to do it with your friends and family, click another link to watch a sample video of how it’s done, and see the evidence for how to make an old document come alive in the eyes of little people.

"This brief ceremony is designed to remind us how fortunate we are to be Americans today, on our nation's birthday. We have modeled our celebration after the Jewish Passover, probably the best known commemoration of a historical event in the world. It has kept the memory of the Israelites' exodus from Egypt alive for over 3000 years. As Americans we need to reconnect to our Founding Fathers and rediscover the meaning behind our country's creation. And we need to do it every year. That's the point of ritual - to help us remember. Without memory, life -- whether of an individual or a nation -- is meaningless. That's where the 4th of July Declaration comes in. In keeping with our philosophy at Prager University that profound concepts can be taught in five minutes or less, we have kept our declaration very brief. But if you follow our simple narrative, this holiday will not just be another barbecue. It will become the meaningful day it was meant to be; celebrating the birth of our exceptional country, the United States of America." -- From Dennis Prager's "Independence Day Declaration Ritual"

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