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A USA Birthday: The Mother of All Patriotic Holidays!

While fireworks are absolutely fantastic, we love incorporating just a bit more to make the meaning of the holiday truly fly. . . .

Our kids love celebrating the birthdays of the people we love. Why not run with that birthday obsession and make a big deal celebrating the birthday of the country we love?! With stories, crafts, and cakes (with candles!), the way we celebrate the "mother of all patriotic holidays" will surely resonate with our littlest Americans.

Off the Bookshelves

The Fourth of July Story: We love this sweet, age-appropriate read with vintage-like illustrations for preschool through 3rd grade. "An accessible story of America’s birthday brings alive the history and spirit of the Fourth of July, with an introduction to the fight for independence and the events and people that shaped American tradition.

What happened on the Fourth of July long before there were fireworks and parades? Alice Dalgliesh takes young readers back to revolutionary times, back to the colonists’ desire for freedom and the creation of the Declaration of Independence.

Simple text captures the excitement of the era, telling how word of Independence traveled up and down the thirteen colonies, touching the lives of everyday people throughout the land. Like all of Alice Dalgliesh’s work, The Fourth of July Story remains an American classic."

4th of July Independence Day Coloring Book: This Fourth of July Activity Book has 50 coloring pages for our littles who are still perfecting their fine motor skills ahead of tackling the literary world. ;) We love these basic visuals as an interactive way to introduce symbols and meanings relevant to our United States. From the American Bald Eagle, to Uncle Sam, and more, a picture is worth a thousand words, so draw on, little patriots!

Other books recommended from neighborly bookshelves:

In the Craft Closets

Red, White, and Blue Spray Chalk: Decorate your lawn, driveway, or any outdoor area you wish to display the red, white, and blue, aka "colors that don't run." Well, except when you're done for the day. ;) With these non-toxic spray cans, your kids can spray, play, and wash away!

Americana Tie-Die Kit: Color me patriotic! From dye, rubber bands, gloves, and even some bedazzle, this kit includes everything you need for a fun time doing tie-dye. Just pick the item you want to jazz up for American's birthday!

Patriotic Eagle Kite: If the breeze is just right, fly a kite! We love this easy-to-assemble patriotic eagle flying above us any day, and especially on Independence Day.

From the Kitchen

For the ambitious baker, let your internal patriotism shine with this cleverly layered creation (don't forget the candles and birthday singalong, of course): "Red, white and blue layers of delicious almond flavored cake forms a surprise flag pattern when you cut into this super cute buttercream frosted American Flag Surprise Cake. . . Have you ever made a 'surprise' cake? It’s so much fun to serve one at a party, especially when your guests have no idea what’s hidden inside. At my son’s party, as I’m about to cut into the cake, he said, 'WAIT FOR IT, WAIT FOR IT!' As I sliced into the American Flag Surprise Cake, I got lots of OOHs and AAHs from the boys as I revealed the colorful flag!"

For the practical "baker," good old reliable and delicious Rice Krispie Treats: "This American Flag Rice Krispie Treat is a great dessert for a 4th of July party – easy to make, easy to transport and everyone loves Rice Krispie Treats. What’s better for a 4th of July party than a patriotic dessert – we had made another version of individual American Flag Rice Krispie Treats that are always a hit at a get-together. But we thought it would be great to come up with another version that was a little easier to make so we combined two of our favorite 4th of July treats – our 4th of July Rice Krispie Treats and our Patriotic Rice Krispie Cake and we made it into this easy and fun American Flag Rice Krispie Treat."

For the color-coordinated cupcake curator: "It’s a cupcake flag! Celebrate the 4th of July with this adorable and charming American flag cupcake cake! It’s the cutest 4th of July Cake! We used chocolate and vanilla mini cupcakes to create stars and stripes. It’s an easy patriotic dessert that all of your guests will adore and can eat with pride!"

For the healthy patriot alternative (candles still required!): "The 12 BEST Patriotic Flag Fruit and Veggie Platters. Create a healthier snack tray for Memorial Day or the Fourth of July with these fruit and veggie tray ideas!" These ideas include sweet, savory, protein, carbs. . . something for everyone, just like our vast country!

Ready?! Altogether now: ". . . Happy Birthday Dear America!!. . ."

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