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Christmas Activity: Putting the Young in Touch With The "Young at Heart"

One of the secrets to living a long life is staying young at heart. Sadly, it’s some of these “older kids” who are having the toughest time this Christmas. COVID certainly has put a damper (euphemism) on our lives, and those living in nursing homes and assisted living facilities feel it in especially acute ways. You can still reach them and make them smile this season by doing this simple four-minute, four-step activity with your kids.

  1. Print a copy of this printable for each of your kids (and some for your friends’ kids to try!).

  2. Ask your kids the questions printed on the sheet. If they are readers themselves, maybe they can read to their siblings or even ask you for your responses.

  3. Write their inevitably funny responses. If your kids don’t need a scribe and are old enough to sound out the words, their creative spelling will generate some giggles on their own, but you might want to offer a transcription after they’re done.

  4. Deliver the messages to your local nursing home. Explain that your family wanted to spread some cheer to the residents. If you’re looking for a program to support, a friend of Primerrily runs this Virtual Senior Center program. Consider it a COVID-era “Secret Santa.”

P.S. Record, document, and cherish: We recommend using the “voice memo” feature on your smartphone to record your little one’s precious responses -- not to mention their cute little voices -- in step #2. Take a photo for your digital keepsake archive of your “little kid’s” notes and drawings to the “older kids.” It will be fun to listen and look back to these next year at this time -- and maybe even when you’re one of the “older kids” on the block.

P.P.S. As your kids fill out the printable, you may even think about playing "The Christmas Song," by the famous Nat King Cole in the background. We love the part that goes:

And so I'm offering this simple phrase

To kids from ONE to NINETY-TWO

Although its been said many times,

Many ways: "Merry Christmas to you


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