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Try These 3 Valentine Traditions to Make a More Meaningful Holiday

February marks a season of love with Valentine's Day landing right in the heart of the month. Like any holiday, Primerrily celebrates in ways that go above and beyond simply sending a Hallmark card or wrapping a gift. In preparation for this Valentine's Day, take a look at a few new traditions that make this holiday more meaningful.


1.) For the Love of Family: Door Decorating

What we compliment our children on tells them what we value about them. Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to remind them what we love most -- the special personality traits, mannerisms, and values that make each one of them unique. And, while you're at it, this praise reinforces good behavior!

I keep mine simple. . . and aspirational since my boy is only two years old (I confess, the heart in the photo reading “has nice manners” is a stretch!). You can definitely write more on the door if your kid can read.

Whether you're into meaningful phrases or single powerful words, here are some ideas for Valentine conversation hearts to get your creative juices flowing:

  • You have wonderful dreams/ideas. = Big Dreamer

  • You’re a good big sister. = Best Sister

  • There’s no one like you. = Unique

  • You're a brave leader. = Leader / Brave

  • You keep your promises. = Promise Keeper

  • You set a great example. = Role Model

  • I love when you ___. (e.g. draw me pictures) = Great Artist

  • You’re a super student. = Smart

  • You’re so respectful. = Respectful

In true “Treehouse” activity spirit, be sure to have your kid help with coloring designs and cutting hearts (or tearing paper hearts if we’re in the earlier stages of fine motor skills!). Then later surprise them with your wise words decorated all over their door!


2.) For the Love of Friends: Holiday Cards

The annual “family greeting card” can be a big lift if you choose to send them, even if your mailing list is not that long. Setting up the photographer (or your tripod), coordinating outfits (or at least combed hairstyles), getting everyone to smile and look forward (including yourself!), selecting the photo, determining a message, getting it printed, purchasing the stamps, addressing the envelopes. . . Whew! We’re tired just writing out the steps!

A few years ago, one of Primerrily’s co-founders was determined to create more "time" space for herself and her family during the Christmas season. She decided to delay sending her season's greeting -- until Valentines Day. She admits to a little FOMO when those cute holiday cards started rolling in, but more than anything she enjoyed having one fewer "to do" on her list.

During the Valentine "season," it's easier to set up a photographer and take time in getting the cards out. Not many grown-ups send Valentines to each other anymore, so she was delighted to receive texts and emails from surprised friends and family who adored the missives in pink and red (instead of green and red). It’s since become a tradition that not only works well for her family’s schedule, but also helps spread out the snail mail love.

While high(er) end printers run sales, she prefers to go with Snapfish, which is offering a 70% discount on Valentines Day cards this year. That means more money to spend on chocolate! Er, I mean, she can afford to send more love to others. ;)


3.) For the Love of Country: Veteran Valentines

Reminding ourselves and our kids about the gratitude we hold for our troops doesn’t have to be limited to Veterans Day or Memorial Day. Primerrily families find tons of everyday opportunities to show our thanks to the men and women who protect our country all year round. We find Valentine’s Day to be an especially fantastic day to show love and share our appreciation!

Thanks to “neighbors” in Dallas who shared with us Valentines for Veterans:

“As we approach Valentine’s Day, let’s not forget the men and women who serve our country. Valentines can be as simple or elaborate as you’d like.” Anywhere between “simple to elaborate” is a perfect parameter for Treehouse projects! Our troops truly just value “the thought that counts.”

Like Halloween, we use the guidance and coordination of Operation Gratitude to write and send our letters. Click here for helpful guidelines and here for more creative ideas of gratitude. In summary:

Step 1: Register to write letters to our Military and First Responder heroes!

Step 2: Download and read the letter-writing guide from the registration email

Step 3: Get creative! Write letters, draw pictures, makes cards, and send your gratitude

Step 4: Fill out the online Donation Form

Step 5: Follow the shipping guidelines in the letter-writing guide email

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