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Treehouse Trivia: 30 Second (Patriotic) Mysteries For Kids

Our kids are having a blast solving the “mysteries” found in 30 Second Mysteries by Spinner Books! And to be very honest, we’re also having a blast playing with them, and watching them engage with us while exercising their minds! The riddles in this “book you can play” are exactly as advertised: “a fun, interactive form of a good old-fashioned whodunit.”

We particularly love the patriotic, civics-oriented riddles. Try some of these sample riddles with your family! Depending on your kids’ ages, it’s easy to ad-lib parts for a younger or older audience. If you are all digging it, order a copy for more brain game family fun with age-appropriate mystery and intrigue!


The Brave Lady In The Night

In the dark of night during the Civil War, a daring woman performed feats that few would even think of. Over many years, she put herself and others in harm’s way with her shocking adventures, but in the end she escaped unharmed. After meeting her, people were never the same again.

The Mystery

Who was this person and what is she famous for?

The Clues

People think of the woman as a great American heroine.

She did her best work in the 1850’s and 1860’s.

She helped countless people make a safe passage.

She traveled on a “railroad.”


Harriet Tubman is famous for helping to free slaves on the Underground Railroad.

The Puzzling Patriot

An American patriot traveled on a small horse to a faraway village. When he arrived, he placed part of a bird into his clothing. He then did something very strange announcing to everyone that he had some Italian pasta with him.

The Mystery