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Keeping Kids Bright with EverBright Magazine

We're excited to introduce Primerrily families to EverBright Kids Magazine. Some of your kids may already be subscribers, so for those who aren’t, we’re confident that you’ll want in on this fun resource for kids that fosters a love of learning.

For our kids -- and we bet yours, too -- the mere discovery that they received something in the mail with their names on it is a cause for celebration. And as Primerrily parents, the discovery that it’s our kids’ monthly EverBright is a cause for our own celebration! Once the kids start flipping through EverBright pages, they’re enthralled. It’s truly a win-win activity for the family (kids get fun and learning, parents get a guilt free break, and we all can pat ourselves on the back!).

Launched in 2019, EverBright Kids Magazine is a monthly publication that gives kids a new way to learn about the world around them. Created for kids ages 5-12 years, each “kid-sized” magazine inspires a fascination of learning through easy-to-understand articles, fun facts, entertaining activities, and crafty projects. EverBright introduces ideas and concepts that encourage kids to be creative and use their brains. And the cherry on top: Primerrily parents can trust that it’s unbiased and ad-free. EverBright’s only agenda is to introduce kids to wholesome subjects and character-building ideas. Tens of thousands of children all around the country are enjoying everything that EverBright Kids has to offer.

Each themed monthly issue includes feature articles on animals, science, history, geography, money lessons, character-building, and more. Plus, the hands-on activities, crafts, kid-friendly recipes, challenging games, science projects, historical figures, geographic tours, and art contests that you'll find in each issue will keep your kids busy learning for hours. Take a look for yourself at a few pages inside the magazine on EverBright’s About Us.

Beyond EverBright for Kids, the publishing “parent” -- EverBright Media -- offers more subject-specific print and digital subscriptions. Ranging from civics to finances, character to religion, these are also age-appropriate, digestible, and fun:

The Kids Guide is a series of monthly booklets that are designed to give kids a fun and fascinating look at hot topics and current events, as well as the major events that have shaped our nation’s rich history. Plus, each Kids Guide comes with a fun, animated streaming video lesson and a robust digital workbook that corresponds to the subject material.

EveryBright created the Kids Guide series in response to an overwhelming need to make it fun and uplifting for kids to learn about the concepts, people, places, and events that drive our nation and our world. From the greatest moments in American history to today's hottest topics, the Kids Guide gives children a deeper understanding than they can get anywhere else.